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News Archive from UMMC News in 2021

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January 2021
Pandemic brings perseverance, praise-worthy patient care01/04/2021
Scholars program uncovers mystery behind MLS profession01/04/2021
Award lets researchers escalate war on ‘disease that whispers’01/11/2021
Meet two new (robot) staffers in UMMC's COVID-19 testing lab01/11/2021
Indianola mother, baby now home after long COVID-19 battle01/11/2021
Century Club Charities breaks record with Children's donation01/19/2021
Even during pandemic, UMMC Research hits record heights01/19/2021
UMMC's largest Accelerated BSN class answers nursing's call01/19/2021
MIND Center, Alzheimer's MS: 'new chapter' in dementia fight01/19/2021
Coggins' gift bolsters Children's cancer, blood disorders renovation01/25/2021
Federal award allows UMMC to reach more telehealth patients01/25/2021
Study: Diabetes, COVID-19 combo riskier for Blacks, Hispanics01/25/2021
AACN honors D.N.P. director; Former ob-gyn prof leads school01/25/2021
Front and Center: Tara Madison01/27/2021
February 2021
Dental care can be critical for kids with complex conditions02/01/2021
Black pastors, docs strive to dispel COVID-19 vaccine doubts02/01/2021
DIS scheduling system champions COVID-19 vaccines02/08/2021
Veterans served their country; now, UMMC's SOD serves them02/08/2021
UMMC gets Huntington's designation; chef earns culinary kudo02/08/2021
Front and Center: Doug Craft02/10/2021
UMMC's congenital heart warriors spring from all ages, sizes02/14/2021
Growing Excitement: Campaign for Children's of Mississippi grows toward $100 million goal02/15/2021
UP's Merit Health Madison presence real 'win-win' for patients02/15/2021
COVID-19-linked brain disorder compels victim to tell his story02/15/2021
20th MS Miracles Radiothon to safely broadcast March 3-502/22/2021
New heart, new life: Transplant saves man from death's edge02/22/2021
Jackson Free Clinic dental services now have more 'teeth'02/22/2021
Front and Center: Vani Vijayakumar02/25/2021
March 2021
UMMC study: COVID-19 more prevalent in children than thought03/01/2021
The seasonal flu was all but MIA this season. Here’s why03/01/2021
Chain reaction: Living donors speed up transplant process03/01/2021
Make no mistake, culture of safety means zero patient harm03/08/2021
MS Miracles Radiothon airs inspiration, tops last year’s total03/08/2021
Experts solve MIS-C mysteries through clinical care, research03/08/2021
ASRT honors MRI program; SOD students earn research prizes03/08/2021
Second chance at life: Surgeons rebuild cancer patient’s jaw03/15/2021
Nelson Order reveals TEACH finalists; Gov. fetes CAY leader03/15/2021
No ‘Idol’ boast – medical student wins Golden Ticket to Hollywood03/19/2021
Fulbright scholar chooses UMMC Microbiology for fellowship03/22/2021
Match Day 2021 ends medical students’ ‘nerve-racking’ wait03/22/2021
News Articles03/25/2021
Homeless patient care focus of UMMC students' lesson03/29/2021
Facial reanimation surgery offers something to smile about03/29/2021
Front and Center: Hieu Vuong03/31/2021
April 2021
Allison Foundation gift nurtures nurses, patients' resilience04/05/2021
Dentures crafted by SOD students something to smile about04/05/2021
Front and Center: Melody Longino04/07/2021
Horne reaps kudos for classroom ingenuity, problem-solving04/12/2021
Twice as Bright doubles April gifts to Children's campaign04/12/2021
JFC gives vulnerable patients shot at COVID-19 vaccine04/12/2021
GWIMS honors supporters; grad student earns fellowship04/12/2021
Front and Center: Amanda McCullough04/15/2021
Viral reflections: Alumni unravel pandemic's impact on them04/19/2021
Bower Foundation grant funds UMMC-trained nurse educators04/19/2021
Groceries aren’t only 'shot in the arm' offered by EversCare04/26/2021
Bennett’s ‘Last Lecture’ gives final word on caring physician04/26/2021
Medical visionary Dr. Blair E. Batson: Pioneer advances Mississippi pediatric care in 20th Century04/27/2021
May 2021
UMMC Grenada cancer services offer options closer to home05/03/2021
New grant makes real IMPACT on state's rural primary care05/03/2021
Haven't received the COVID-19 vaccine? Here’s why you should05/03/2021
Leaders in philanthropy: Concern for children’s health care at heart of couple’s giving05/06/2021
Hip hip hooray! Employee Appreciation Week salutes workers05/10/2021
#UMMCGrad2021: Asthma, COPD research in AstraZeneca fellowship ahead for pharmacy graduate05/10/2021
#UMMCGrad2021: SOD grad has new assignment: Treating patients in the Navy05/10/2021
ACOG taps ob-gyn chair to lead national women’s health org05/10/2021
ICU recovery clinic speeds patients’ physical, emotional healing05/10/2021
Front and Center: Sonia Simpson05/11/2021
UMMC experts: COVID-19 shots good for children 12 and older05/13/2021
#UMMCGrad2021: Biostatistics student on Quest for excellence05/17/2021
#UMMCGrad2021: Critical care at heart for SON graduate05/17/2021
Ceremony honors teaching 'powerhouse,' UMMC educators05/17/2021
Memorial honors those who gifted their bodies to science05/17/2021
Interns SEARCH-ing for jobs learn new skills at UMMC05/24/2021
#UMMCGrad2021: SOM grad’s heart for children shaped by faces of pain05/24/2021
#UMMCGrad2021: Record-keeper to tassel-turner: Registrar secures DHA in hand05/24/2021
Gynecological teaching associates key part of medical ed05/24/2021
#UMMCGrad2021: Innovation abounds for SGSHS graduate05/24/2021
The Power of Play: ‘Work of childhood’ key to coping, care05/26/2021
UMMC graduates persevere despite pandemic-driven disruptions05/28/2021
Professor of medicine, trauma services director, professor emeritus earn accolades05/31/2021
June 2021
Iron Kids blends fitness, food and fun to build healthy habits06/01/2021
Front and Center: Dr. Savannah Duckworth06/01/2021
Girl Scouts sew up Bronze Awards with NICU quilting project06/07/2021
SON Alum of the Year: Nurses called to meet challenges of tomorrow06/07/2021
Scan-tastic: Pediatric imaging at Children’s of Mississippi makes CTs and MRIs child-friendly06/11/2021
From visitor to student to faculty, SHRP alum comes full circle06/14/2021
UP physician practice at UMMC gains new leadership06/14/2021
Millions in state funds buoy quest to honor former asylum patients06/14/2021
UMMC's TAVR procedure prowess gets national accolade06/14/2021
‘You Give It, We Bring It’ seeks blood donations to boost supplies in rural MS06/16/2021
Distinguished faculty earn title named for medical school savior06/21/2021
Creative works in Sanderson tower offer inspiration, comfort06/21/2021
Diversity Champions' projects spur institutional change06/21/2021
Front and Center: Dashunda Bunton Bailey06/23/2021
Endocrinology director, pharm tech, IM residents garner awards06/28/2021
Sky’s the limit for SHRP’s first OTD graduates06/28/2021
SOD development funds honor faculty, community dentists06/28/2021
UMMC scientists are seq-ing variants to fight COVID-1906/28/2021
July 2021
Peds prof emeritus, ob-gyn fellow earn distinctions07/06/2021
Hurricane on the horizon? MCES, AirCare stand ready07/06/2021
Children’s campaign gets boost from $1M The First gift07/06/2021
UMMC accelerates drive for diversity in health care careers07/06/2021
SON associate dean receives academic leadership laurels07/12/2021
Cold platelets vs. room temp – which stops blood loss better?07/12/2021
New dean’s experience, expectations to shape SOD's future07/12/2021
Q&A: Dr. Anderson Collier07/14/2021
CHPE head aces certification; dermatology chair garners humanitarian award07/19/2021
Final component makes Workday count for UMMC students07/19/2021
COVID-19 vaccination policy puts patients, families' safety first07/19/2021
SOD honors alums for dedication, passion for teaching07/19/2021
Experts debunk misinformation about vaccine, pregnancy07/19/2021
Phronesis Award recognizes SOM assoc. dean's faculty support07/26/2021
UMMC experts now offer neonatal intensive care at NMMC07/26/2021
Pediatric Research Day showcases work of PReCEP scholars07/26/2021
Nasal antiviral response could determine COVID-19 severity07/26/2021
UPSTART symposium shines spotlight on student research07/26/2021
August 2021
MSU's CWS trophy takes Children's of Mississippi victory lap08/02/2021
During pandemic, UMMC pediatric specialists also fight RSV08/02/2021
Pregnancy and COVID-19: ‘It doesn’t have to be this way’08/02/2021
National physiological society honors UMMC physiology prof08/02/2021
Unvaccinated Mississippians driving hospitals, front-line caregivers to breaking point08/04/2021
AHA council pays tribute to biology chair’s HTN research excellence08/09/2021
Blood tests may show dementia risk decades before symptoms appear08/09/2021
Minimally invasive procedure repairs brain aneurysms at high risk of bursting08/09/2021
Lanier clinic, School of Nursing win 2021 Governor’s Awards08/09/2021
Field hospital for COVID-19 patients comes as UMMC sets records for virus numbers08/11/2021
Field hospital set to ease strain amid record-breaking COVID-19 surge08/12/2021
‘It’s unrelenting’: Rising pediatric COVID-19 cases stress full children’s hospital08/16/2021
Delta resurgence reignites COVID-19 research08/16/2021
ED patient crush logjams health system08/16/2021
The Battle of the Surge: Photographic Story of UMMC and the Rise of COVID-1908/16/2021
Seven schools and six ways from Sunday: Students, faculty brazen out COVID surge08/16/2021
UMMC to start monoclonal antibody clinic Tuesday08/16/2021
Samaritan’s Purse sets up COVID-19 field hospital at UMMC08/16/2021
Samaritan’s Purse COVID-19 field hospital to open Wednesday08/17/2021
Faculty members, grad student tapped for honors08/18/2021
More COVID-related pediatric hospitalizations to come, UMMC experts warn08/23/2021
Jackson Heart Study begins Exam 408/23/2021
How monoclonal antibodies fight COVID-1908/23/2021
Mississippians living with HIV gain transplant options close to home08/23/2021
Ivermectin cures parasites in cows, not COVID-19 in humans08/23/2021
People of the U: Jay Ferchaud08/30/2021
Children’s of Mississippi treatment for clubfoot starts before birth08/30/2021
UMMC’s April-June grants, awards surpass $35 million08/30/2021
Monitoring diabetes patients remotely key to better disease management08/30/2021
UMMC employees lauded with Spero Awards08/30/2021
September 2021
Hours extended for monoclonal antibodies treatment for mild to moderate COVID-1909/03/2021
Telehealth connects families, ICU patients in Samaritan’s Purse field hospital09/07/2021
UMMC's Wiser Hospital, Stroke Center garner recognition09/07/2021
Medical leader Dr. Ian Hoppe named Surgeon-in-chief at Children’s of Mississippi09/07/2021
They’ve been framed: Medical students expose artistic side09/13/2021
Front and Center: Paul Sabbatini09/13/2021
Koller recognized with women’s surgery honor09/13/2021
Paradis continues trailblazing career as first female UMMC police chief, executive director of public safety09/13/2021
Brodell tapped to lead American Dermatological Association09/13/2021
Front and Center: Shukundala "Connie" Champion09/20/2021
Jackson Heart Study announces new director09/20/2021
Bowing out of bias: Project aims to foster trust in doctors09/20/2021
Children’s of Mississippi team removes tumor hidden in Gulfport child’s heart09/20/2021
Diabetes drug shows promise as heart failure treatment09/27/2021
School of Nursing graduate Patricia Dyre Kimble gives back by planning $1M gift09/27/2021
UMMC research breaks funding record09/27/2021
Psychiatry can match drugs to DNA for made-to-measure treatments09/27/2021
October 2021
It’s been 50 years since the Medical Center’s Broadway debut10/04/2021
eCV Readership Survey: Last chance to let your voice be heard10/04/2021
UMMC faculty, staff earn kudos10/04/2021
Children’s of Mississippi launches clinic for MIS-C patients10/04/2021
Applications to schools amount to a ‘small miracle’10/11/2021
UMMC brings medical services to JSU athletes in new partnership10/11/2021
Alumni donors bring much-needed perks to SOD10/11/2021
More pediatricians, more specialized care: Children’s of Mississippi, UMMC working to make the special care pediatricians provide more accessible10/13/2021
State’s only nationally certified team collaborates for children’s cleft care10/18/2021
UMMC Grenada takes COVID-19 vaccine on the road10/18/2021
People of the U: Tammy Vujanovic10/18/2021
The First Year: Kathy and Joe Sanderson Tower to celebrate milestone this fall10/20/2021
UMMC 2 You telehealth urgent care available to all state residents10/25/2021
UMMC earns ACR Breast Imaging Center of Excellence honors10/25/2021
UMMC faculty, academic departments get kudos10/25/2021
Research awards mark faculty, staff funding achievements10/25/2021
Diversity, equity, inclusion: It’s part of the culture at UMMC10/25/2021
November 2021
SGSHS honors two alumni at Research Day11/01/2021
AACN honors UMMC School of Nursing for school-based clinic partnerships11/01/2021
Photos: Halloween happenings sweet at Children’s of Mississippi11/01/2021
1st Quarter Grants and Awards top $31 million11/01/2021
As students’ stresses grow, counseling center services have grown with them11/01/2021
Sanderson Tower celebrates first birthday11/08/2021
ACT Center, CCRI help patients tackle tobacco11/08/2021
Mentor’s lessons resonate with first Chen Chair holder11/08/2021
Children’s of Mississippi’s palliative care program a bronze winner in national competition11/08/2021
UMMC COVID vaccination appointments now available for children 5 to 1111/11/2021
It’s official: 70 percent of eligible Mississippians screened for colorectal cancer by 202011/15/2021
New Children’s of Mississippi heart surgery leader brings care closer to home11/15/2021
The size is right: Campus enrollment climbs11/15/2021
COVID-19 vaccination offers kids extra layer of protection, pediatricians say11/15/2021
Medical Center employees, students get kudos11/15/2021
Former CMN Champion starts college, musical career11/18/2021
Thanks to thirteen: Medical Center icons enshrined for breadth of accomplishments11/22/2021
UMMC students work together to ‘save world’ in escape room exercise11/22/2021
Experts: Gratefulness is possible, even in a pandemic11/22/2021
Photos: Children’s of Mississippi heralds holidays with Thanksgiving Parade11/29/2021
University Heart offers cardiology screenings at Grants Ferry11/29/2021
New study highlights success of remote patient monitoring11/29/2021
UMMC Police charts new course with series of “firsts”11/29/2021
December 2021
The MIND Center pairs with Santé South for 2022 festival12/06/2021
UMMC faculty, staff earn kudos12/06/2021
Photos: Children’s of Mississippi turns into Winter Wonderland12/06/2021
Holiday wish lists make Children’s of Mississippi giving easy12/06/2021
Front and Center: Dr. Ben Lambert12/06/2021
Q&A: Children’s Heart Center12/10/2021
Omicron’s “surprises” spur scientific interest12/13/2021
Photos: BankPlus Presents Light A Light brightens season at Sanderson Tower12/13/2021
Vaccine, booster still best defenses to both Delta and Omicron variants12/13/2021
Respiratory therapists breathe new life into competitive market12/20/2021
‘Leaving our comfort zone’: JFC goes on the road12/20/2021
Center brings together education, research, clinical care to fight addictions12/20/2021
Photos: Holiday season bright at UMMC12/27/2021
Pediatric mental health care need rises, UMMC researcher finds12/27/2021