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Photos: Gurney racers gun for Golden Stethoscope

Published on Monday, May 20, 2019

They promise never to transport a patient this fast and furious: Four or five people, running alongside a gurney, giving it as much a speed as they can muster between start and finish line. That’s how it works during the Medical Center’s annual gurney races, a highlight of this year’s Employee Appreciation Week. One team walks away with the prized Golden Stethoscope, and this year, it was the Tamponade Squad from the Cardiovascular ICU.

Tower Power of the MICU, left, and IV Pushers from Pharmacy head for the gurney races finish line.
Maxen Othello of the Nursing Resource team Float Trotters shows off their Fancy Feathers trophy.
Smooth Operators from the Batson Children's Hospital OR prepare to cross the finish line with the Anti-Anti Vaxxers powered by Family Medicine residents right behind.
Before the next race, Ryan McMillian, race director, checks the gurney of team G Force I from the Pavilion, Suite G. From left, members include, Anita Calvin, Elizabeth Walker, Paige Mitchell and captain Kierra Brown.
CICU team member Parker Thurman, right, helps teammate Allen Lampton with racing gear.
Making a run for the Golden Stethoscope are, from left, Float Trotters from Nursing Resources and Preemie Power from the NICU.
NICU Preemie Power team member Elliott Crawford makes the final adjustments to their patient just before the race. Other team members include from right, Rebecca Moore and Melanie Ellis. Behind them is Becky Harrison, a nurse educator in the NICU.
Dr. Mike McMullan congratulates Tamponade Squad captain Stuart Magee for winning the 2019 Gurney Race.
Amanda Laura, a nurse educator and timekeeper for the gurney races, clocks in the Smooth Operators as they cross the finish line.
CICU Tamponade Squad team members and 2019 gurney race winners are, from left, Victoria Keys, Stuart Magee, Allen Lampton, Parker Thurman and William Jones.