Portrait of Justin Brown
Ambassador Services’ Justin Brown serves with a smile.
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People of the U: Justin Brown

Published on Wednesday, December 11, 2019

By: Ruth Cummins

If you are an employee or patient at the University of Mississippi Medical Center’s hospitals, you might just cross paths with Justin Brown.

Brown, part of the Ambassador Services team, escorts patients from Wiser, Batson and University Hospital to CT scanning in the old Adult Hospital basement. “They might be in a wheelchair or their own bed, and sometimes, I walk with them if I’m able,” Brown said.

His days are spent on his feet, and he logs thousands of steps as he wheels patients from their rooms to scanning and back. Brown said he gets plenty of time for interaction through conversation.

“Some patients are nervous about what’s happening, or where they are going,” he said. “I try to talk to them to make them feel better. Some are asleep and we can’t talk, but with the others, we talk about a lot of things.”

Although some employees would dread traversing the hospital for an eight-hour shift, “it’s not a hard job, and the walking is good exercise,” said Brown, a 2011 graduate of Wingfield High in Jackson.

“Justin is a good ambassador because he does everything in a positive manner,” said Willie Proctor, supervisor of Ambassador Services. “He is always happy and upbeat.

“He always has a smile on his face, and he has been recognized by 2 South as an excellent employee with a great personality.”

When he’s not taking care of patient transport, he enjoys playing basketball and relaxing. “Nothing too big,” he says of life outside the U.

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