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Alert U Emergency Notification System Updates

Monday, June 26, 2023

TO: All UMMC Personnel
FROM: Dr. Jonathan Wilson, Chief Administrative Officer
SUBJECT: Alert U Emergency Notification System Updates

Enhancements have been made to Alert U, the Medical Center’s emergency notification system, that will go fully into effect July 1. The updated system expands the Medical Center’s capabilities to provide emergency alerts to employees, students, families and visitors.

If you have your current cell number in Workday, you will receive an Alert U text message in the event of a severe weather or personal safety emergency on the Jackson main campus. Additionally, the notification will show on networked computer monitors.

Should the need arise, a new Alert U feature allows employees and students to instantly contact and share their location with the UMMC Police and Public Safety Department through a mobile safety app, Everbridge.

To ensure you and your family receive timely alerts and have access to personal safety features please follow the steps below. Information about Alert U, including how-to guides, can be found here.

  1. Sign up for text alerts. Log in to Workday to confirm your mobile number is in the correct field so you can receive emergency alerts via text message. Instructions on how to update your phone number in Workday can be found in the Workday Phone Number section of the quick reference guides.
  2. Download the Everbridge mobile safety app. The app offers a wide range of safety features and can be found in the Apple Appor Google Play stores. After downloading the app, open it on your phone and select University of Mississippi Medical Center from the dropdown menu and follow the steps in the App Sign-in and Setup guide. (Some features within the app are only available on the main Jackson campus.)
  3. Sign up your parents, spouse or children to receive text alerts. UMMC employees and students can easily add family members’ mobile numbers in the Alert U Member Portal to enable them to receive text alerts about on-campus weather and emergency events. For assistance on how to add individuals through the portal, please reference theAdding Mobile Numbers for Text Alertsguide.

Additionally, patients, families and visitors can sign up to temporarily receive UMMC public safety alerts by texting ALERTU to 333111. They will get text notifications until the end of each month, when they can choose to text ALERTU to 333111 again to renew for the next month.

Additional information about Alert U can be found here.

The newly enhanced Alert U system is just one more way the Medical Center is working to keep all who work, learn, receive care or visit the campus safe.

Thank you.