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Alert U Quick Reference: Adding Mobile Numbers for Text Alerts

Keep in Mind: Students and Employees are able to add family member's mobile numbers to their Everbridge account. This allows for them to also receive important safety and weather alerts.

Access from Web Browser

  1. Go to
    Alert-U logo with “Sign in” and “Notifications” hyperlinks in bottom right corner.
  2. Do not click sign-in in the gray bar on the right side of the screen. Instead, scroll down and select Sign in with SSO Credentials.
    Single Sign On (SSO): Sign in with SSO credentials button highlighted.
  3. Scroll down and select My Profile (Edit)
    "My Profile (Edit)" button highlighted.
  4. Scroll down and add a cell phone number that you would like to receive the text alerts.
    Addt'l Text Message fields 1 and 2. Country/Region United States.
  5. Click Save across the bottom.
    Blue save button.

Access from Phone App

  1. On your Mobile Phone, go to the Everbridge App.
    Everbridge app logo icon.
  2. In the top left corner, select the three horizontal lines and then select Profile.
    Feed with menu icon (three horizontal lines stacked on top of each other) highlighted in upper left hand corner.

     Menu options with “Profile” option highlighted at the top of the page.
  3. Select your UMMC Everbridge Account.
    Add a Subscription search bar with “UMMC Everbridge Account” option highlighted.
  4. Select Manage My Profile.
    “Manage My Profile” option highlighted.
  5. Next to My Profile, select Edit.
    My Profile screen with “Edit” link highlighted.
  6. Add any Mobile Number that you wish to receive text alerts to and then click Save.
    My Profile. Here’s how to contact me. Everbridge app. Logged in. “Addt'l Text Msg fields #1 and #2” highlighted. “Save” button underneath.

    My Profile. Here’s how to contact me. Everbridge app. Logged in. “Addt'l Text Msg fields #1 and #2” -“Save” button underneath highlighted.


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