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Physical Security Assessment Program and Request Form

Are you interested in improving the safety and security of your workplace? If you want to better understand and reduce risks to your staff, our security assessments team provides several assessment levels to meet your needs.

Comprehensive Security Risk and Threat Assessments

The assessment team will conduct an onsite visit to determine your workplace’s current exposure to risk. After a thorough walkthrough, we will provide you with a report, including recommendations for eliminating security gaps, improving existing security measures, and making your location less vulnerable to crime.

Safety and Security Consultation

If you have a specific safety or security concern but don’t need a comprehensive assessment, our prevention experts will consult with you to help resolve any issue you may have.

Security System Construction and Design Consultation

Whether you are involved in building a new facility or renovating an old one, the security assessment team helps you keep security in mind from the ground up. By incorporating security into the design phase of your construction project, you can avoid problems and costly renovations later. After a building design and planning review, our recommendations may include:

  • Security camera installations and upgrades
  • Access control
  • Duress alarms
  • Physical facility upgrades

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