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Notice of Potentially Severe Afternoon Weather

March 25, 2021

TO:All UMMC Faculty, Staff and Students

FROM:Dr. Jonathan Wilson, Chief Administrative Officer

SUBJECT: Notice of Potentially Severe Afternoon Weather

The National Weather Service’s Storm Prediction Center has issued a Particularly Dangerous Situation (PDS) Tornado Watch for most of Central and Eastern Mississippi until 8 p.m. PDS is a term reserved for weather systems that could include multiple strong or violent tornadoes within the watch area.

The image below, posted by the NWS office in Jackson at 8 a.m., shows the watch area. The NWS website can be found here.


All Medical Center faculty, staff and students are encouraged to be aware of the potentially threatening weather conditions in the area by tuning into local media. At this time, UMMC operations and schedules are not impacted. Additional communication about the potential impact of this weather system on Medical Center operations will be distributed by email, if needed. Any immediate threat to the main UMMC campus by an actual tornado will be announced via the AlertU text alert system. 

Severe Weather Response information, including notification and response protocol, listed in the UMMC Emergency Operations Plan can be found here.

Thank you.