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State/Federal Government Affairs Reminder

December 13, 2021

TO:UMMC Faculty, Staff and Students

FROM:  Dr. LouAnn Woodward, Vice Chancellor for Health Affairs

SUBJECT: State/Federal Government Affairs Reminder

The Medical Center is constantly engaging with lawmakers at the state and federal level to advance our policy agenda. Our Government Affairs team, led by Kristy Simms, helps our institutional leadership to develop this agenda and then works hard to direct and coordinate it across many constituencies.

Unless special permission is granted in advance by the Office of the Vice Chancellor, only members of our government affairs team and myself are authorized to conduct advocacy activities with elected/appointed government officials on behalf of UMMC. This applies to officials on the state and federal level. Particularly as the 2022 session of the Mississippi Legislature is about to convene on Jan. 4, please be mindful of this instruction.

I recognize that many of our faculty, staff and students are members of professional associations or other groups that have interests before the Mississippi State Legislature, the U.S. Congress or other state and federal agencies. And, you are encouraged to be active and engaged in advocacy for topics that matter to you as a private citizen. Remember that any engagement with elected officials should not cross over into “Medical Center business.” Please make any government official or staff member with whom you have contact aware that you are representing just yourself or a third-party group and not the Medical Center. If you are taking part in such activities, I ask that you coordinate with Kristy and her office in advance of your visit or other contact. 

Thank you.