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Updated Brand Standards

Monday, Aug. 7, 2023

TO: All UMMC Faculty, Staff and Students
Marc Rolph, Executive Director of Communications and Marketing
SUBJECT: Updated Brand Standards

At UMMC, we pride ourselves on our commitment to excellence.

This commitment extends to our UMMC and Children’s of Mississippi brands and how we present ourselves. Consistent, correct branding is a best practice that creates trust and confidence in the research, education and care we provide.

To make this goal attainable for everyone, our department has updated and streamlined the UMMC Brand Standards, located on the Marketing page of the UMMC Intranet. It is essential that everything bearing our logo complies with these standards.

Also available on the Intranet are templates for PowerPoint, electronic letterheadand virtual backgrounds.

Proper Naming and Logo Use

Proper branding includes using approved names and logos every time. In her VC Notes from March 2019, Dr. LouAnn Woodward, vice chancellor for health affairs, highlighted the importance of using correct naming.

We are the University of Mississippi Medical Center, or UMMC for short. These are the only names we should use to refer to our institution.

As Dr. Woodward noted in 2019, we no longer use the names University Hospitals and Health Systems, University of Mississippi Health Care, University Medical Centeror anything other than University of Mississippi Medical Center.

Additionally, Children’s of Mississippi is the name of UMMC’s statewide system of pediatric care including the state’s only children’s hospital. Blair E. Batson Children’s Hospital is no longer used. 

Approved Logos

The updated UMMC Brand Standards outline the logos that are approved for use on communications and materials produced or published on behalf of UMMC and Children’s. The logo structures below replace any others in use throughout the institution.

1. University of Mississippi Medical Center

 UMMC Full logo

2. UMMC  

UMMC Logo 

3. Children’s of Mississippi

 Children's of Mississippi Logo

4. Approved school, department, center, etc. logos 

Approved Department logo

Because institutional names and marks are so frequently used, everyone is encouraged to review the updated standards to ensure proper use.

Logo Use Approvals

 Any use of a UMMC or Children’s logo must be reviewed and approved by the Office of Communications and Marketing. Please submit materials to Marketing@umc.eduas far in advance as possible, as our department handles a high volume of projects. The Marketing Intranet page contains resources that will make the compliance and approval processes easier. 

Outlook Email Signatures

Because most UMMC faculty, staff and students have email addresses, using a professional email signature is a powerful way to reinforce our brand. Our Brand Standards include an email signature format and an online generator is available here for you to instantly create an approved email signature. Consistency matters, so added elements like images, quotes or different fonts are not allowed.

Please update your signature in Outlook today. Managers, we are counting on you to help your employees complete and use this email signature as designed.  

Branding is our shared responsibility.

Correctly branding UMMC helps us all showcase the Medical Center’s quality and professionalism to internal and external audiences. By adhering to the brand standards and using approved names and logos every time, we can create a consistent, polished look that will distinguish us as the unique, vital and high-quality institution we are.  

Thank you.