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Changes to the Staples Office Supply Order Process

Tuesday, February 21, 2023

TO: UMMC Faculty and Staff
FROM: Nelson Weichold, Chief Financial Officer; Richard McFee, Chief, Supply Chain Management
SUBJECT: Changes to the Staples Office Supply Order Process

Effective March 1, 2023, the Medical Center will implement changes to our Staples Office Supply punch-out catalog site in Workday. As one of many active cost-saving projects, Supply Chain has reviewed our supplier relationships and identified opportunities for expense reduction and improved compliance with our Office Supply Formulary. An Office Supply Formulary contains approved, high-volume, common-use items that are available for purchase without special approvals.  

Over the past three years, our previously established Office Supply Formulary has unintentionally expanded from under 900 unique SKUs to over 5,800 due to a reduction in adherence to the formulary.  Over that same period, our office supply expense with Staples has increased by 25%.

Supply Chain has worked with Staples to develop a revised formulary. Additionally, we have been able to negotiate discounts on the roughly 1,400 items in the new formulary.

With few exceptions, supplies should be purchased only from the approved UMMC Formulary. Any off-formulary purchase requests will follow a new approval process in Workday and will be subject to additional review by Category Management and senior leadership. Exceptions will require a written explanation of why the similar item on the new formulary will not be sufficient. Using the links below, please review the updated instructions and policy and procedures on the Supply Chain Intranet Site and details about the new processes for ordering office supplies. 

Please contact Leslie Hancock at OfficeSupplies@umc.edu for support.  Supply Chain - Category Management will assist with any questions.

Thank you for helping us to stay on this formulary and achieve important cost savings.