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UMMC Power Outage

July 14, 2022

TO:All UMMC Personnel

FROM:  Dr. Jonathan Wilson, Chief Administrative Officer

SUBJECT: UMMC Power Outage

I wanted to update you on the impact from the storm last evening and our efforts to repair the damage.

Yesterday around 5:30 p.m., lightning struck the campus electrical infrastructure on the UMMC main campus, causing brief power outages across campus. The damage caused a delayed start of emergency generators, and one generator failed in the Acute Wing (Adult ED and Main OR). Also, the strike damaged a transformer serving the Batson Tower, which resulted in the Batson Tower being on generator back-up and without air conditioning.

Facilities Services began repairs immediately, and to support the hospital, we brought in a portable generator to replace the damaged one in case of additional power failures. A replacement transformer was installed during the night and power and air conditioning were restored in Batson early this morning.

Work is currently underway to replace the damaged generator.

I want to thank the employees that moved quickly to resolve the situation. This was great teamwork by everyone.