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Change in Printing Services

February 1, 2024

TO: UMMC Faculty, Staff and Students
FROM:Marc Rolph, Executive Director of Communications and Marketing
Change in Printing Services

Effective today, UMMC has transitioned its internal print shop operations to an external contract with Hederman Brothers, a local printing company.

Every effort has been made to maintain current processes, while taking advantage of the cost savings and new efficiencies made possible by this arrangement, except for some changes that should improve and streamline the steps required to place and receive an order. In some instances, print requests will be directed through Marketing to update design or branding. Instructions on how to place an order can be found on the intranet here.

Please note that, effective with this change, only printing orders that will be paid using a UMMC account – including grant and development funds – will be taken. We are no longer able to accept self-pay orders.

We ask for your patience as we adjust to this new process. You should submit your printing request well before any required deadline.

If you have any questions about an existing or future printing order, please email printingorders@umc.edu.

Thank you.