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UMMC’s Holiday Decorations Guidelines

Monday, Nov. 28, 2022

TO:UMMC Faculty, Staff and Students
FROM:Dr. Jonathan Wilson, Chief Administrative Officer
SUBJECT: UMMC’s Holiday Decorations Guidelines

As we prepare for the holiday season, we want to offer a warm and appealing – yet safe – environment for all UMMC personnel and our patients and visitors. The following rules must be followed for all holiday decorations or displays at the Medical Center.

The UMMC Fire Safety Specialist is responsible for ensuring the fire and electrical safety of holiday decorations and displays in accordance with federal, state and local fire regulations.

  • No LIVE Christmas trees, tree branches, pine cones, mistletoe or other natural foliage is allowed to be used for decoration.
  • Electric lighting strings or other similar devices are prohibited from use in all hospital facilities.
  • All holiday decorations must be fire/flame-retardant. All Christmas trees used, regardless of size, are to be Underwriters Laboratories (UL)-listed and labeled as flame retardant.
  • Do not place decorations on light fixtures, electrical equipment, electrical outlets, circuit breaker panels, etc.
  • Do not place decorations or other objects so that they obstruct any exit corridor, doorway or stairway.
  • Do not place decorations or other objects so that they obstruct access or visibility to exits, exit signs, fire alarm pull stations, alarm panels, fire extinguisher cabinets, sprinkler heads, etc.
  • No fire doors or smoke doors can be decorated.
  • Wrapping paper or combustible items cannot be used to decorate any door.
  • Candles and other flame-producing devices are strictly prohibited as decorative elements.
  • Do not attach any item to a sprinkler head.
  • Do not place decorations within 18 inches from the ceiling of a sprinkled area or within 24 inches from the ceiling in non-sprinkled areas.
  • Decorations may not project greater than 4½ inches into corridors.
  • Decorations shall not be placed within 3 feet of electrical equipment or other heat-producing sources.
  • Decorations in classrooms, laboratories, offices, etc., should be of such type that can be affixed to bulletin boards, glass windows, interior doors, etc.
  • No flammable paper products such as streamers, mobiles, etc., are permitted to be hung from the ceiling.

Thank you for your assistance with keeping UMMC safe during this holiday season.