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Jackson Medical Mall vehicle thefts

August 4, 2022

TO:All UMMC Faculty, Staff and Students

FROM:  Dr. Jonathan Wilson, Chief Administrative Officer

SUBJECT: Jackson Medical Mall vehicle thefts

We have been made aware of two vehicle thefts from the Jackson Medical Mall parking lot over the last couple of weeks. Vehicle thefts have increased in the Jackson metro area this summer.

I want you to know your safety and security are important to us. Although the UMMC Police and Public Safety Department does not have jurisdiction at JMM, UMMC Police leadership is working with the JMM Foundation, Capitol Police and the Jackson Police Department to support and to strengthen security measures at JMM.

The short-term plan includes restricting access to the parking lot and closing gates to control traffic flow, and UMMC Police will patrol JMM to support current security efforts. We will be meeting with JPD and Capitol Police to develop a comprehensive, long-range plan for the future.

In the meantime, the closure of some gates to and from the JMM may cause some delays, but it’s important for safety to limit entry and exit points. Thank you for your patience and understanding as we continue to work to ensure that you have a safe working environment.

Thank you.