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Dental Services at Jackson Free Clinic

The Jackson Free Clinic is a medical and dental clinic serving the uninsured population of Mississippi.  Founded in 1999 by Dr. Joyce Olutade, JFC is run by medical, dental, physical therapy, and pharmacy students from the University of Mississippi Medical Center with volunteer medical and dental providers from UMMC. The JFC is an independent 501(c)(3) non-profit and relies completely on volunteers and donations to operate, and the combined involvement and services provided by their volunteers are 100% uncompensated. JFC's dental clinic not only provides relief to the thousands of underserved families in our state, but also serves as an educational platform for future dentists, with dental students and faculty devoting over 250 hours each per year serving at the clinic.

Beginning in August 2020, JFC launched an expansion to build a new, free comprehensive care dental clinic. This project expanded the JFC's capacity by 200%, from two operatory rooms to six operatory rooms. This expansion allowed JFC to not only see more patients, but to also expand scope of treatment to more comprehensive dental care including restorative, endodontic, pediatric, prosthodontic, periodontic, hygiene, and preventative care. The goal to raise $75,000 for the construction of the clinic was achieved in less than 4 months following launch, allowing complete renovations of the new space. In February 2021, construction of the new clinic expansion was completed and has since transferred a limited amount of equipment and supplies donated.

Jackson Free Clinic is open on Saturdays from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m., currently providing acute dental care including examinations, radiographs, and extractions, with hopes to expand to more comprehensive dental services in the near future. To schedule an appointment, call (601)355-5161 and please leave a message including your name, phone number, and request.

The JFC provides high quality care to the most vulnerable people in our state, and we are searching for partners to help us better serve them. While renovations have been completed, JFC faces the constant challege to acquire necessary supplies and equipment to facilitate clinic operations on a regular basis. Local supporters througout the state play a vital role in sustainability of the free clinic. With your generous donation, you can become a pillar of hope to the many families in Mississippi suffering from the silent epidemic of dental disease. If you would like to donate dental equipment, supplies, or provide a monetary dontation to the Jackson Free Clinic, please contact The Student Affairs office for assistance, 601-984-6060.

For more information pertaining to the Jackson Free Clinic, visit the website.

JFC dental board of directors

  • Co-Chairs - Kyle Alford and Jack Cutrer
  • Secretary - Jesse Austin
  • Treasurer/Supply Chain Manager - Will Allen
  • PR Fundraising - Caroline May
  • Acquisitions - Stanley Tristeza
  • Student Representatives
    • D4 - Anna Grace Clayton
    • D3 - TBD
    • D2 - Chance Farris
    • D1 - Javelyn Stubbs
    • DH4 - Kelsey Bonds
    • DH4 - Jenna Dunaway