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Faculty Excellence

School of Dentistry faculty actively contribute to the research mission of UMMC. The Office of Research is proud to recognize their accomplishments.

Excellence in Research

Since 2000, the Excellence in Research Awards Program has recognized UMMC investigators who have attracted significant extramural funding and who have advanced science through their distinctive research programs. Medallion Awards are based on the total amount of extramural funding received by the investigator for his/her original research. The School of Dentistry winners are as follows:

Platinum Medallion - $5,000,000 total

Gold Medallion - $1,000,000 total

  • Karen Crews, DMD - 2000
  • Lyle Zardiackas, PhD - 2000
  • Aaron Puckett, Jr., PhD - 2001
  • William Buchanan, DDS - 2002
  • Jason A. Griggs, PhD - 2009
  • Amol V. Janorkar, PhD - 2018

Silver Medallion - $500,000 total

  • Aaron Puckett Jr., PhD - 2000
  • Amol V. Janorkar, PhD - 2014

Bronze Medallion - $250,000 total

  • Denise Krause, PhD - 2010
  • Amol V. Janorkar, PhD - 2011
  • Michael D. Roach, PhD - 2016 

Faculty publications

Dissemination of the results of research is a primary obligation of the research scientist or clinician, with peer-reviewed journals the major vehicle. Accordingly, the Office of Research would like to recognize the excellent research being done in the School of Dentistry by focusing on faculty members' activity in publishing their findings.

Faculty publication records

Cumulative publications  (as of Dec. 31, 2018)

1David Felton110
2Jason Griggs67
3Amol Janorkar48
4Christopher Hughes42
5Yuanyuan Duan41
6Michael Roach32
7Niping Wang24
8Adam Alexander21
8Scott Williamson21
9William Buchanan19
9Tracy Dellinger19

*Bold print signifies an NIH Early Stage Investigator

Annual publications

1Jason Griggs6
1Amol Janorkar6
3Yuanyuan Duan4
4Ahmad Abdelkarim2
4Michael Roach2
4Scott Williamson2
4Tina Woods2

*Bold print signifies an NIH Early Stage Investigator

Publications Impact - H-Index

The Hirsch-Index is one indicator of an investigator's research productivity. It attempts to evaluate not only the number of peer-reviewed articles published, but the impact of the findings by looking at the frequency with which an article is cited by other researchers. The H-indices reported here capture only publications after 1995, so may not fully reflect the impact of our faculty with longer research careers.

Cumulative Hirsch-Index

1David Felton28
2Christopher Hughes23
3Jason Griggs21
4Amol Janorkar15
5William Buchannan12
6Jennifer Bain9
6Tracy Dellinger9
6Yuanyuan Duan9
7Ron Caloss8
7Niping Wang8
8Harold Livingston7
8Susana Salazar Marocho7
8Michael Roach7

*Bold print signifies an NIH Early Stage Investigator