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About Dentistry and Oral Health

Dentistry focuses on preventing, diagnosing, and treating diseases and disorders of the teeth, mouth, and surrounding facial areas. Oral health refers to the state of being free from disease and pain of the teeth, mouth, head, and face. Oral health is a necessary part of overall health.

The UMMC difference

University Dentists is part of the UMMC School of Dentistry and provides the most comprehensive dental treatment available in Mississippi. Patients can receive full treatment at a single location on the UMMC campus or, for oncology services, within the Jackson Medical Mall. As part of a dentistry school, we offer three levels of dental care providers and can recommend the right level for you based on your dental needs.

Dental school students complete a comprehensive four-year program to become dentists. During their third and fourth years, they practice dentistry under the supervision of licensed faculty dentists. Fees are approximately half the cost private practice fees.

Residents are dentists pursuing a specialty area. They offer a more advanced level of specialized care than our pre-doctoral students and will provide the majority of your treatment. All treatments are supervised by licensed faculty dentists. Fees are approximately 25 percent lower than the private sector.

University Dentists serve as both practicing dentists and faculty professors. They provide general and specialty dental care. Fees are comparable to the private sector.

Where to Find Us

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Dentist and child smiling during exam.

Dental Mission Week

Underserved children and adults in need of free dental treatment can apply for Dental Mission Week, January 29 - February 2, 2024, at UMMC's School of Dentistry. This annual event has provided thousands of dental procedures at no charge.


Dental Care at UMMC