Pediatric Dentistry and Community Oral Health

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The educational program of the Department of Pediatric Dentistry is aimed at developing in the dental student the following:

  • Ability to educate and guide the behavior of the child to accept oral health care and to counsel the parents to support the child's acceptance.
  • Skills required to instruct the child and parents in methods of achieving and maintaining optimum oral health.
  • Acquire skills in restorative dentistry procedures required for the pediatric patient.
  • Skill in diagnosis and treatment of primary and young permanent teeth 
  • Acquire skills in preventive and interceptive dental procedures relating to the growth and development 
  • Skills in the use of methods and agents for the comprehensive control of pain and apprehension in the conscious patient.
  • Ability to perform diagnosis, examination, and treatment planning for the child patient.
  • An attitude toward learning so that students will seek opportunities to further their knowledge and skills in pediatric dentistry.
  • An attitude such that students will actively seek to fulfill their responsibility as health professionals to children in the community.