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Clinics and Rotations

School of Dentistry Clinic

This program is designed to provide each AEGD and GPR resident exposure to a variety of comprehensive and episodic care encounters within the framework of a group practice situation.

Emphasis is placed on comprehensive care. It is anticipated that residents will avail themselves to the immediate access readily offered by the generalist and specialist faculty. The resident prior to consultation with the specialist should conclude diagnosis and initial treatment planning. Once consultation is completed, a final treatment plan with alternatives, along with fee estimates and treatment sequencing should be presented to the patient and documented in the record. The resident will review the treatment plan with the patient, answer questions and obtain the patient's signature of acceptance and consent.

Each resident will actively participate in the management of his patient, the AEGD and GPR auxiliaries, laboratory prescriptions and patient records. Monthly reports based on production are available and evaluated by the faculty with the resident.

The faculty will constantly monitor the progress of each resident through the approval of treatment plans and laboratory cases, record audits and evaluation of printouts showing quality, and types of procedures performed.

An important aspect of any dental practice is effective communication with laboratory personnel. During residency, each resident is expected to work with laboratory personnel. This will enhance the base knowledge of the process of fabrication of dental prostheses and increase their appreciation of laboratory personnel. On the difficult and complex cases, the resident must make arrangements to be supervised during treatment of the cases by the specialist. This can be either in the AEGD/GPR clinic or in the specialty clinic. The overall general supervision of the case will be the resident's responsibility in consultation with the generalist faculty.

Jackson Medical Mall Clinic

The Jackson Medical Mall Dental Clinic (JMMDC) is a community-based clinic for the Department of Advanced General Dentistry (GPR and AEGD) of the University of Mississippi School of Dentistry. Additionally, the JMMDC serves the educational needs of the School of Dentistry undergraduate program, the School of Health Related Professions' dental hygiene program and the AEGD/GPR residency programs. The expectant patient population served by the JMMDC includes University Hospital outpatients requiring follow-up dental care, patients with acute dental problems, comprehensive treatment to a vast array of medically compromised patients and patients from the community.

The JMMDC will provide the dental practitioners with primary dental experiences in diagnosing and treatment of the oral needs of patients who have medical, psychological and/or physical problems. Residents gain experience in treating patients in an operating room environment while at this clinic. This clinic also will provide emergent and episodic care to the patient with acute dental problems of pain, infection and/or swelling through the Emergent Dental Care Clinic unit. The JMMDC will provide primary, phase 1 dental care to medically compromised patients, follow-up hospital outpatients and to patients from the community.


  • Emergency department rotation
    This rotation is separate from the day and night call schedules; however, the AEGD/GPR resident will be expected to handle dental emergencies that arise while on this rotation. This rotation runs for one week in the UMMC Adult Emergency Department. It begins typically at 6 p.m. and ends at 12 a.m. Each resident is expected to work five evening shifts per week. During this rotation, the resident will gain experience in triage, management of minor trauma, focused physical examination and history taking, and participate in various clinical experiences.
  • Children's Hospital dental service (AEGD residents only)
    The Children's Hospital dental service rotation is designed to enhance the AEGD resident's knowledge of specified topics related to dentistry for children by providing both clinical and didactic training in a hospital setting. Its purpose is to provide both primary and specialized oral health care for infants and children through adolescence with special emphasis on the treatment of children with special health care needs. The AEGD resident along with the faculty attending will provide direct patient care for those ambulatory pediatric patients referred to this dental service. These patients may be referred due to medical, physical or emotional compromises that deem it necessary for them to be treated in this environment. The resident also will be afforded the opportunity to provide emergency treatment to pediatric patients.
  • Family medicine rotation (GPR residents only)
    The GPR rotation will be divided into two locations (Lakewood Drive and Flowood) while the resident is on rotation with the UMMC family medicine department. During this rotation, the GPR resident will gain experience in medical history and physical examinations, medical periodic reviews and general medical patient management while under the direct supervision of a family medicine faculty. The GPR resident also will be responsible for attending the Friday afternoon didactic seminars during this time.
  • Anesthesia rotation
    Each GPR resident will rotate through the UMMC anesthesia rotation for approximately four weeks. The AEGD residents rotate through for two weeks. During the time, the resident will report directly to the anesthesia point of contact for assignments. The resident will gain exposure to intubation techniques, IV cannulation, exposure to differing anesthesia techniques, and involvement in patient management in an operating room setting. The rotation includes a basic workday of 6:30 a.m.-noon for GPR and 6:30 a.m.-4:30 p.m. for AEGD. During this time, the resident will be excused from Tuesday grand rounds (all other didactic seminars will be required). The GPR resident will report to the UMMC operating room suites and participate in the anesthesia grand round seminars. At 1 p.m. each afternoon, the GPR resident will report to his assigned clinic for patient care.