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2022 Trailblazer Award for Excellence in Medical Student Education Winners

Dr. Alan Penman and Dr. Vinayak K. Nahar received the 2022 Trailblazer Award for Excellence in Medical Student Education. The Trailblazer Award for Excellence in Medical Student Education recognizes our faculty’s time and effort to educate future physicians. Nominated by their peers, recipients of the award are recognized as effective teachers who engage, inspire, and mentor learners, demonstrate teaching innovations in curriculum design, and serve as a catalyst for enhancing teaching and learning.

Alan Penman 2005    Vinayak Nahar


The Office of Diversity and Inclusion 2023 Pillars Awards

The Office of Diversity and Inclusion had its 2023 Pillars awards, recognizing service and inclusive excellence. Dr. Abigail Gamble was recognized as a nominee for the Beacon Award, which recognizes faculty members who exhibit inclusive excellence in teaching, instruction, research, or clinical practice at UMMC.

Abigail Gamble 2016     

L.C. Dorsey Research Honor Society                                

Dr. Abigail Gamble was inducted into the L.C. Dorsey Research Honor Society, multidisciplinary network of social, behavioral, health, and citizen scientists who have produced or contributed to the production of exceptional minority health and health disparities research.



Lifetime Achievement Award, Finalist for the 2023 Regions TEACH Prize, and New Member of the Norman C. Nelson Order of Teaching Excellence.

Dr. Mary Currier received the Lifetime Achievement Award, which acknowledges an alum who has made a significant contribution to improving health outcomes in diverse communities in the state of Mississippi.

Dr. Mary Currier has been recognized as one of seven UMMC finalists for the 2023 Regions TEACH Prize.

Mary Currier was selected as a member of the 2022-2023 class of the Norman C. Nelson Order of Teaching Excellence.

Mary Currier Mallette                                                                                                                                                               



 Dr. Inder Kaur (PGY-2 resident) was voted chief resident for the 2023-2024 class



Dr. Iram Aman (PGY-3 resident) served as a member of the American College of Preventive Medicine’s Continuing Medical Education Committee.      





National Committee Service/Appointments

  1. The American College of Preventive Medicine selected Dr. Amaan Kajani ((PGY-2 resident) as its Alternate Delegate to the Resident and Fellow Section of the AMA. Amaan will attend the meeting in Chicago, and will also be invited to attend either/both of the Section Council on Preventive Medicine meetings, which will be occurring June 10 and June 12 on site at the AMA meeting. Donna Grande, ACPM’s CEO will be hosting a dinner as well for the AMA Delegates, including Amaan.
  2. Dr. Joshua Mann was named Chair of the Accreditation Council on Graduate Medical Education’s Preventive Medicine Review Committee, and will also serve as a member of the ACGME’s Council of Review Committee Chairs.




Chad Blackshear
Dr. Seth Lirette
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Dr. Seth Lirette
Taylor Ward
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Dr. Jennifer Reneker

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Dr. Kedra Wallace

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Dr. Yufeng Zhang

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Anshul Anugu
Chad Blackshear
Brian Christman
Dr. Abigail Gamble
Hunter Sylvester
Dr. Phillip Turk
Dr. Michael Welsch
Sylvester, H., Turk, P., Anugu, A., Blackshear, C., Christman, B., Welsch, M., and Gamble, A. (2023), “Telehealth Diabetes Prevention Intervention for the Next Generation of African American Youth Pilot Trial,” Southern Regional Meeting, New Orleans, LA. Abstract published in The American Journal of the Medical Sciences, 365(Supplement 1):S404-S405.