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Creating a Healthier Mississippi Through Research Training and Mentoring

The Jackson Heart Study Graduate Training and Education Center at the University of Mississippi Medical Center (UMMC-GTEC) is committed to cultivating the next generation of scientists and innovators who will be equipped to contribute to the discovery of new knowledge and equally committed to the dissemination and application of this information to diverse stakeholder groups.

Our program is intentionally designed as an evidence-based, interactive research training and education program for graduate students enrolled in health-related degree programs from participating colleges and universities in Mississippi. The primary goal is to enhance your knowledge and skills in cardiovascular epidemiology, health disparities and in the responsible conduct of research. Our secondary goal is to advance the science of research training and education of graduate students in health-related professions.

How will you create a healthier Mississippi through research?

Our program offers a comprehensive research training and mentoring program designed to enhance your knowledge of cardiovascular epidemiology and health disparities, as well as skills in quantitative methods, scientific writing and responsible conduct of research. You will join a group of other doctoral and health professional students who will engage in exciting opportunities to explore data from national datasets and the Jackson Heart Study. The Jackson Heart Study is a multi-center investigation of predictors of cardiovascular disease in 5,301 African-Americans living in the Jackson, Miss. metropolitan area.

Over the past 18 years, this study has made substantial contributions in elucidating CVD-related risk factors experienced by African-American adults in Mississippi. Mentored research opportunities provided through this program can lead to additional discoveries and can help launch your career in the biomedical/biobehavioral sciences.

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