PhD - Population Health Science

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Plan of Study

Year 1 - Fall 
PHS 700Essentials of Population Health Science3
PHS 750Population Health Research Methods I3
PHS 714U.S. Health Care Organizations and Delivery3
Year 1 - Spring
PHS 717Principles of Classic, Modern, and Emerging Health Behavior Theory3
PHS 752Population Health Research Methods II3
PHS 713Introduction to Implementation Science and Disseminations3
Year 2 - Summer
PHS 712Introduction to Knowledge Translation and Science Communication3
PHS 701Applied Demography3
Year 2 - Fall
PHS 742Advanced Statistical Analysis: Multivariate Regression3
PHS 743Program Evaluation for Population-Level Interventions3
PHS 716Designing Interventions to Change Organizational Behavior3
Year 2 - Spring
PHS 749Advanced Statistical Analysis: Longitudinal and Multilevel Models3
PHS 709Population Health Management3
PHS 731Introduction to Disease Distribution and Health Inequalities3
Year 3 - Summer
PHS 744Bioethics and Society1
Year 3 - Fall* 
PHS 739Advanced Science Translation and Communication3
PHS 745Community Engagement and Community-Based Participatory Research3
PHS 799Doctoral Proposal Development3
Year 3 - Spring*
PHS 7xxElective 1*3
PHS 7xxElective 2*3
PHS 7xxElective 3*3
PHS 798Doctoral Dissertation Seminar1
Year 4 - Summer**
PHS 798Doctoral Dissertation Seminar1
Year 4 - Fall** 
PHS 798Doctoral Dissertation Seminar1
Year 4 - Spring +**
PHS 798Doctoral Dissertation Seminar1

* Depending on previous course work and interests, students will choose at least three courses from the following two groups of courses. At least one course must be taken from each group:
Group 1
1. Health Care Quality and Safety
2. Population Health Informatics
3. Digital Healthcare
4. Population Health and Consumerism
Group 2
1. Health Care Finance
2. Principles of Advanced Payment Models for Population Health Management
3. Health Economics
4. Methods for Economic Evaluation of Health Programs

**From year 4 onwards, students will be at liberty to take additional elective and independent study courses as they wish.