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New Hires, appointments and promotions


New Additions to the SOPH Team!

 Office of the Dean

 Kimberly Brookins 2023

 Kimberly Brookins, Executive Assistant



Kennsie Johnson, MHS, Director, Finance & Administration

Data Science

Chastity McCoy, Executive Assistant (no photo)

Population Health Science

Mauda Monger 2023

Dr. Mauda Monger, Assistant Professor

Preventive Medicine

• Haley James, Project Coordinator I-Population Health (no photo)

• Alicia Scott, Student and Employee Health Specialist I (no photo)

 Myrlie Evers-Williams Institute (MEWI) 

Regina Wilcox-Lewis 2023

Regina Wilcox-Lewis, Social Worker II



Population Health Science

Jennifer Reneker 2019

Dr. Jennifer Reneker was appointed as Interim Chair of the Department of Population Health Science.

Preventive Medicine

Caroline Compretta 2023

Dr. Caroline Compretta was named UMMC’s Assistant Vice Chancellor for Research.                                             Caroline Compretta, PhD - Assistant Vice Chancellor for Research



Preventive Medicine

Rolanda Buck was promoted to Project Manager II – Population Health

Rolanda Buck 2022


Mary Margaret Saulters was promoted to Project Manager III – Population Health (no photo)