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  • Student and Employee Health reached the milestones of having performed over 4,500 respirator fit tests and over 6,500 influenza vaccinations so far in 2023.
  • Dr. Josie Bidwell was elected to a 3-year term on the Board of Directors for the American College of Lifestyle Medicine, and the UMMC Lifestyle Medicine Clinic marked its 5th anniversary.

Josie Bidwell 2023 


  • Dr. Dave Vearrier’s application to start a medical toxicology fellowship program (sponsored by the Department of Emergency Medicine) received formal approval from the Accreditation Council on Graduate Medical Education. 

David Vearrier 2020


  • Dr. Joshua Mann had two new co-authored papers accepted for publication, putting him at over 100 total publications for his career.

 Josh Mann 2023






Dr. Thomas Dobbs

Manuela Staneva

Staneva, M., Hobbs, C. V., & Dobbs, T. (2023). Spike in Congenital Syphilis, Mississippi, USA, 2016–2022. Emerging Infectious Diseases, 29(10), 1965-1972. 
Dr. Victoria Gholar

Gholar, Victoria M.; Taylor, Juanyce. Ensuring trainees are prepared to address broader societal factors that impact health. JBI Evidence Synthesis 21(10):p 1910-1911, October 2023. | DOI: 10.11124/JBIES-23-00427

Dr. Bill Hillegass

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Dr. Seth Lirette

Hajibonabi, F., Khalid, H., Duszak, R., Balthazar, P., Lirette, S., and Hanna,
T. (2023). “Are Academic Emergency Radiologists Systematically
Disadvantaged Compared with Diagnostic Radiology Subspecialty
Counterparts When it Comes to Promotion?,” Journal of the American
College of Radiology, 

Dr. Seth Lirette

Tran T. Le

Phillips, C., Le, T., Lirette, S., Welch, B., Glover, S., Dungey, A., Vick, K.,
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Dr. Hamidreza MoradiMoradi, H., Bunnell, H., Price, B., Khodaverdi, M., Vest, M., Porterfield, J.,
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Dr. Philip Turk

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Dr. Kedra Wallace

Ashley Griffin, Brittany Berry, Shauna-Kay Spencer, Teylor Bowles, Kedra Wallace. "Indoxyl Sulfate administration during pregnancy contributes to renal injury and increased blood-brain barrier permeability,” Int. J Mol Sci, 2023:24:11968.

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Dr. Yufeng ZhengZheng, Y., and Blasch, E. (2023). “Facial Micro-Expression Recognition Enhanced by Score Fusion and a Hybrid Model from Convolutional LSTM and Vision Transformer,” Sensors, 23(12):5650,

Xiaoqian Zhu

Shrestha, S., Zhu, X., London, S., Sullivan, K., Lutsey, P., Windham, B.,
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