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  • Orthodontics I 643-1
    Description: The fundamentals of orthodontics and complementary topics are discussed. Subjects include dentofacial growth and development, normal occlusion, classification of malocclusion, and a historical and contemporary perspective of the orthodontic specialty's relation to the profession of dentistry. Diagnostic and clinical concepts are illustrated with diverse clinical case presentations. Practical exercises in cephalometric and mixed dentition analysis are performed. The biomechanical principles of removable and fixed appliances are presented in preparation for the course Orthodontics II. Summer quarter. (40 clock hours.)
  • Orthodontics II 643-2
    Description: Case selection and appliance design for the treatment of uncomplicated malocclusions are discussed in a laboratory setting. Students take impressions and produce a set of orthodontic study casts. Several common fixed and removable appliances are fabricated. Summer quarter. (34 clock hours.)
  • Advanced Clinical Orthodontics 698-10
    Description: This course prepares the student(s) for a graduate program in orthodontics. Spring quarter. (48 clock hours.)