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  • Classroom teaching will provide well organized quality lectures presented in proper sequence, and with up to date visual aids to enhance learning.
  • Preclinical teaching will provide the students with the skills that relate to techniques, equipment, and materials that will be a part of their endodontic clinical practice (D-3, D-4 years).
  • Clinical teaching will include equipment at each operatory and materials/products that represent modern endodontic therapy, chairside assisting to the greatest extent possible, and a clinical setting that is attractive and well organized.
  • Quality endodontic care will be emphasized during all patient treatment sessions and a quality care assurance program will be in place.
  • The department will be an educational resource with faculty and staff participating as continuing education presenters and consultants.
  • The department will be a service resource, with faculty and staff serving on committees and participating in professional organizations.
  • The department will strive to maintain a pleasant and attractive work environment for faculty and staff, along with the opportunities for faculty and staff to receive continuing education in new scientifically proven teaching and patient care methods and techniques.