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Clinical Research and Trials Unit (CRTU)


  • The Clinical Research and Trials Unit (CRTU) is a dedicated clinical research facility on the 7th floor of UMMC's Adult Hospital. This state-of-the-art unit is comprised of twenty-two (22) inpatient and outpatient participant rooms, including two (2) bariatric rooms and a three-room negative pressure suite. The CRTU also houses an eight-chair infusion center, research pharmacy for investigational drug dispensing, research lab for research sample processing, storage, and shipment, and four (4) encounter rooms for private, non-clinical patient interactions such as consenting and the completion of questionnaires. Investigators, coordinators, nurses, and other support staff may take advantage of its conference room, work spaces, computers, printers, and docking stations. The CRTU also employs clinical trialists for participant monitoring and oversight.


  • CRTU fees are based on study needs and funding source and will be estimated prior to use of the space or services. The CRTU nurse manager works with the Office of Clinical Trials to incorporate those fees into the clinical research study budget.  Note: The CRTU is non-profit; fees cover only the costs of operation
  • The study investigator and other personnel may conduct research activities on the CRTU. If the study investigator has personnel needs, including after-hours services, the Clinical Research Support Program (CRSP) may be available to assist. Contact the Clinical Research Support Program (CRSP) manager of operations, Monique Cain-Jones, MS, CHSP, to discuss.
  • In order to request use of the space, indicate the CRTU location on the Office of Clinical Trials study information sheet. This information will be forwarded to the CRTU research nurse manager. You can also reach out to Heather Vaughn, BSN, RN, CCRP directly.
  • Other questions may be emailed to the CRTU or call (601) 815- 8724.