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Become a Clinical Trials Participant

The value of community involvement in research cannot be understated. The expertise and experiences of community members can indeed help shape researchers’ understandings of a given phenomenon. University of Mississippi Medical Center researchers invite you to join them in their mission to improve the health of our communities by becoming a UMMC clinical trials participant.

A UMMC clinical trials participant is willing to take part in research opportunities to increase the current health level of our communities as well as future generations. By volunteering to becoming a UMMC clinical trials participant, you can help translate knowledge into action. You may also learn more about your own health as well as gain access to experimental treatments.

In order to become a UMMC clinical trials participant, simply enter your information into our online registry. A research professional may then contact you to provide more information about studies at UMMC for which you may qualify. Whether to participate is always up to you.

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