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Periodontics and Preventive Sciences


The Department of Periodontics and Preventive Sciences has an over-riding mission: to comprehensively educate students via classroom and clinical teaching in the art and sciences of “cutting edge” therapies. An aim is for graduates to be able to diagnose, plan treatment and undertake often complex periodontal care on Mississippi’s diverse populations, even in areas where there are shortages of general and specialist dentists.

Patients admitted to the School of Dentistry have all their preventive and periodontal needs met by undergraduate students under the direct supervision of specialist faculty. Often, appropriate management requires interdisciplinary non-surgical treatments. Frequently, patients then require surgery for a variety of reasons, including exposure of decayed or fractured teeth, elimination of chronic disease, esthetic needs, regeneration of tissues lost from previous periodontal conditions, and implant placement. There is no referral to graduate students or other dentists. Each patient is completely treated by the assigned student.

The Department also teaches preventive dentistry and medicine with a goal of producing well-rounded graduates who are conversant with whole body disease prevention and health maintenance. We view dentists as integral members of the health-care team who make significant contributions to the overall wellness to peoples of the state of Mississippi.

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