Periodontics and Preventive Sciences

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Educational goals

  • To help further the University of Mississippi Medical Center’s aim for excellence in clinical training in order to improve the health of this state’s people.
  • To provide high quality education to students in the disciplines of periodontology and prevention.
  • To train prospective clinicians in comprehensive periodontal diagnosis and management so that they can contribute to the health-care needs of society.

Outcome measures: Outcomes are measured by students successfully completing all course-work, clinical competency examinations, National Board and Licensing Board tests of periodontics.

Research and scholarly activity goals

The department is strongly involved with numerous undergraduate research projects, particularly in the areas of anatomy and clinical periodontology. Faculty regularly give continuing education courses to health care professionals. All faculty are committed to continuous development of educator skills and technology utilization in higher education.

Outcome measures: The outcomes are measured by presentations, publications and in student performance in achieving high educational goals.

Service goals

Service goals include contributions to the department, school, university, professional colleagues and the community at large. The department fosters self-improvement for all faculty, students, and staff, committees; presents continuing education courses to health care providers; serve as consultants; provide high quality care through the student program as well as participating in private practice. Department faculty are involved in a number of community based projects.

Outcome measures: Faculty and staff serve on many university wide committees and service projects.