Periodontics and Preventive Sciences

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Periodontal Diseases 610-1
Description: This is the introductory course in the periodontal curriculum. It is designed to help students gain an understanding of periodontal health and health maintenance as well as the underlying disease processes that occur if health deteriorates. Key concepts of prevention, examination and diagnosis will be covered. Additionally experimental learning will be incorporated where the students will have simulated learning on a dentoform and then take these skills and treat actual patients as part of a rotation into the periodontics clinic.

Periodontal Diseases 610-2
Description: This course will deal with periodontal decision-making and non-surgical therapies. It will prepare students for clinic and the management of mild to moderate cases of periodontal diseases. Preventive and health directing approaches will be emphasized. Students will be introduced to critical analysis of important journal articles. Case presentation will predominate the educational offerings. The course format will encompass lecture, workshops and small group discussions. Active participation in the Periodontics clinic, when assigned on Tuesday morning, will provide an essential learning component of the course whereby student gain first-hand experiences in patient examination, diagnosis, planning and patient care that supplement didactic teachings.

Periodontal Diseases 610-3
Description: Students will study evidence-based decision making and contemporary management of advanced periodontal diseases. They will also be introduced to critical analysis of periodontal journal articles via seminar format. A variety of surgical principles and techniques will be addressed in lectures and in the simulation laboratory.