Group on Women in Medicine and Science

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GWIMS Board Members

Angelle Klar


Angelle Klar, MD

Portrait of Roselin Nittala


Roselin Nittala, DrPH

Audra Schaefer


Past President
Audra Schaefer, PhD

Mitzi Norris


Mitzi Norris, PhD

Ana Palei


Ana Palei, PhD

Rebecca Moore


Membership Lead
Becca Moore, MD

Kristin Edwards


Mentoring Lead
Kristin Edwards, PhD

Laura Wright-Sexton 2018


Programming Lead
Laura Wright-Sexton, MD

Maryam Syed.jpg


Awards Lead
Maryam Syed, MD

Yamrot Sileshi


Trainee Representative
Yamrot Sileshi, RN

Sarah Nelin


Trainee Representative
Sarah Nelin, MD