A UMMC graduate student presents her research poster
UMMC scientists prepare an experimental set-up
aerial shot of graduate students
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School of Graduate Studies in the Health Sciences

Welcome to the School of Graduate Studies in the Health Sciences. Our mission is to train highly qualified researchers who will make significant contributions to the scientific literature; educate those who will train the next generation of biomedical scientists and health care professionals; foster the spirit of scientific inquiry; and promote an environment that embraces diversity and cultural differences.

Dean's Welcome

We are proud of our campus and the rich history that has formed UMMC. In the School for Graduate Studies in the Health Sciences, we are also proud of our people. More than 200 graduate faculty members are involved in a range of cutting-edge biomedical research supported by extramural grants totaling over $60 million.

Joey Granger, SGSHS Dean

"Not only does UMMC have a very renowned Physiology program, but our Chair of the department is Dr. John Hall; he wrote the Medical Physiology textbook, along with Dr. Arthur Guyton. So, those two names are associated with the department alone, and they are titans in our field. This program is very demanding; however, the faculty in my department are extremely supportive—it feels like a community."

—Osvaldo (Ozzy) Rivera-Gonzalez, PhD in Physiology and Biophysics