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Summer Undergraduate Research Experience

About the Program

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The Summer Undergraduate Research Experience (SURE) is a summer internship program designed to train undergraduate students in biomedical science research.  During the summer program, selected participants are assigned a mentor, placed in a laboratory, and are provided a hands-on opportunity to train and learn more about our degree programs in the School of Graduate Studies in the Health Sciences.

Application Process and Requirements

Please read the instructions and eligibility requirements thoroughly before starting your application. Along with the application, the student is required to submit the following:

  • Names and valid e-mail addresses for two faculty recommendations
  • Scanned copy of current unofficial transcripts
Click here to review the application process and eligibility requirements.


The summer program generally begins in June and concludes in early August each year. At the end of the program, a celebratory ceremony is held in which students give oral and poster presentations on their research. Tentative dates for the 2024 SURE Program are Monday, June 3rd through Friday, July 26th. 

Financial Information

Participants receive a stipend of $4,000 and are required to work the full length of the summer program.


Complete applications with faculty recommendations must be received by Thursday, Feb. 1, 2024. Applicants must meet all program requirements in addition to submitting a completed application by the deadline in order to be eligible for consideration.   


  • Jessie Bowman
    Director of Discovery U Programs
    School of Graduate Studies in the Health Sciences
    (601) 984-1199


SURE Participant Testimonials


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“I felt like I was actually doing something important and worthwhile; doing the research, analyzing the data, and putting together [a] poster all gave me a sense of direction and passion, and I'm so happy to get to look back upon everything I've done this summer and think "Wow. I did that."

"I loved that the SURE program really let me obtain research hands-on experience. I would have not been able to have the independent component at my school, but I was able to have my own research project and expand my personal skillset. I also am very appreciative that I had the ability to work with other students in the lab such as medical students and PhD students alongside my mentor, which helped me make connections and gain valuable insight."

"My favorite thing was learning how to perform different protocols throughout the summer. I came in not knowing how to work a pipette and in a short amount of time, I was performing procedures on my own. I even got the chance to edit and rewrite a protocol."

"My mentor and others in my lab were amazing! They were so supportive and really cared about my experience here. I also got a chance to learn more about the clinical integration of research as oppososed to pure bench science." 

" It was an eye opening learning experience. I was able to work hands on with some amazing team mates and I [walked] away with a new eye for research." 

"I loved the work and the environment I was in. I felt like I learned a lot and had a lot of fun doing it."