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Strategic Planning Office

The UMMC Strategic Planning Office (SPO) serves many purposes, including:

  • Increased continuity, visibility, and accountability for planning and execution of key strategies and supporting goals and tactics;
  • More effective ongoing partnering and collaboration among key leaders and staff from all mission areas, organizational units, and physical locations;
  • Increased integration among related strategic business, financial, and operational processes, including budgeting;
  • Ultimately, more efficiency and greater return from time and resources spent in planning through the above improvements.
    • The SPO is charged with development, launch, and oversight of the UMMC Strategic Planning process at the institutional level, following these guiding principles:
      • SPO owns and manages the planning process and infrastructure including:
      • defining inputs and outputs needed from each step,
      • facilitating appropriate alignment among each organizational unit within each mission area, and
      • ensuring linkages among strategies, key initiatives or tactics, strategic financial plans, capital and operating budgets, and facility planning
    • Plans for each unit will be developed by the appropriate leadership for that area as defined by the Strategic Planning Executive Steering Committee, following the agreed upon processes and timelines and using approved standard planning data sets, with support from the SPO as needed and requested. SPO will be a partner in developing plans for each area, but that area’s leadership will be the owner of those plans.
    • As part of the planning process, SPO will ensure that a system of accountability and measurement is developed and maintained.