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Where to Start for Researchers

UMMC Research provides the UMMC community with information, documents and tools to help you to complete research administration tasks.

My question involves ...Office to contact
Applying for a grant or contractOffice of Research and Sponsored Programs, Pre-Award
Initiating a clinical trial/study (CDA or CTA)Office of Clinical Trials
Receiving or sharing of tangible research materials (MTA)Office of Research and Sponsored Programs, Pre-Award
Effort reportingOffice of Research and Sponsored Programs, Post-Award
Financial management of my grant or contractOffice of Research and Sponsored Programs, Post-Award
Hiring a clinical research coordinatorClinical Research Support Program
Ordering computers or printers for research purposesDIS - End User Computing
Accessing the Enterprise Data WarehouseCenter for Informatics and Analytics
Human subjectsHuman Research Office/IRB
Animal welfareAnimal Welfare Office/IACUC
Biological hazardsInstitutional Biosafety Committee
Radiation and/or lasersRadiation and Laser Safety Office
Creation of inventions that are or may be protected by patent or copyrightIntellectual Property and Commercialization Office
Hiring and managing employeesHuman Resources
Concerns about non-compliance with regulations or policies relating to researchOffice of Integrity and Compliance
Export of items, services, or technologies to another country or allowing potential access to such items by foreign nationalsOffice of Integrity and Compliance