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Center for Integrative Health

A whole-person approach to health

Integrative health complements traditional medical care with proven therapies to treat the whole person: mind, body, and spirit. The UMMC Center for Integrative Health (CIH) serves children and adults who are struggling with chronic medical conditions that also present with emotional or behavioral challenges. We work closely with a patient’s primary treatment team and emphasize healthy lifestyle choices. Our team tailors treatment plans to address each patient’s unique circumstances and help overcome barriers to positive change.


A child participates in exercise as part of the Iron Kids program at CIH

Our Mission

The CIH provides transformative, patient-centered care through a unified team approach. Our mission is to awaken each patient’s natural capacity for healing through engagement and targeted lifestyle changes that empower them to evolve from a state of illness to a life of wellness.

Meet our Team

What is Integrative Health?

Awaken the body’s natural capacity to heal: The Three Es.
Our bodies have intricate processes built in that can naturally facilitate healing. At the Center for Integrative Health, we strive to nurture these healing processes by engaging and empowering our patients so they can evolve from a state of illness to a life of wellness.

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Engagement begins with first listening to our patients and helping them make a connection between their values and their behaviors. This involves highlighting the importance of their role and investment in maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

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Empowering our patients involves providing the tools and strategies necessary for them to be successful in reaching their goals. This often includes teaching self-advocacy and supporting them through the ups and downs of their healing process.

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Evolving to a life of wellness is the final step in the healing process. Our role is to identify barriers that prevent patients from evolving and provide targeted interventions that help them bypass or break down those barriers. We always celebrate any progress or positive change our patients make, whether it is taking the first step towards positive change or independently maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

Our Vision

The CIH is committed to bridging the gap between illness and wellness for patients through targeted interventions based on an intimate understanding of the whole person. We promote the body’s natural capacity for healing by applying principles of disease prevention and facilitating behavioral changes appropriate to each patient. Our goal is to engage and empower patients as they evolve from a state of illness to a life of wellness.

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Contact Us

Center for Integrative Health
331 Sunnybrook Road
Ridgeland, MS 39157
Map to Location
(Inside the Holmes Community College Wellness and Fitness Center)
We accept most insurance and health care plans.
To refer a patient or schedule an appointment, call (601) 815-3424.

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An exterior shot of the entrance to Holmes Community College in Ridgeland, MS, where the CIH is located.Map to the Center for Integrative Health