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All employees working with animals must complete a training requirements registration form - PDF.

There are four components to the IACUC requirements for training:

  • Complete an IACUC-sponsored orientation session
  • Attend a CCR tour
  • Complete required online training courses
  • Complete Occupational Health & Safety questionnaire

IACUC-sponsored orientation sessions: Each individual working with laboratory animals is required to complete a brief orientation and attestation in CANVAS within 90 days of hire.

CCR tour: The tour is required to familiarize personnel with animal facilities, specific attention given to husbandry details related to the animal species. Tours are offered monthly. Preregistration is requested.

Online training ( All principal investigators and research staff are required to successfully complete the following online training modules:

  • Working with the IACUC "Investigators, Staff, and Students"
  • One course pertaining to each species you work with (Instructions for Accessing Online Courses - PDF)
  • CITI courses are valid for three years. After three years, you will have complete a refresher course.

Occupational Health & Safety program: All employees must complete the occupational health survey: 

Form is available at the REDCap application which is open to the public.

If you have previously worked with animals at UMMC and completed the training requirements, you do not have to repeat the IACUC orientation or the CCR tour. If you are working with the same species, you do not have to repeat the online training if completed within the last three years. If your previous training cannot be verified, you will be asked to repeat the training.

Hands-on training sessions provided by the Center for Comparative Research are conducted periodically. Aseptic technique, suturing and animal handling are common topics covered in courses.

Individualized training can be provided upon request. Email for more information.

It is the responsibility of the Principle Investigator to ensure that her/his personnel are appropriately trained to conduct their duties, ensuring safety and compliance with UMMC policy. The IACUC strongly recommends that training records for all staff be maintained in the laboratory in order to demonstrate that all personnel have received the appropriate training in animal care and use, the use of hazardous agents, laboratory procedures, etc.

Sample training documentation form

Topic specific presentations

Additional information regarding the use of chemical hazards can be located on the EH&S website.