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External Advisory Committee

The External Advisory Committee is composed of established senior scientists and administrators with a national reputation and significant expertise in broad areas required for successful oversight of the MCHD. The EAC members come from diverse academic environments with a national reputation and provide access to a wealth of research expertise, ability to identify ongoing opportunities for innovation and ability to promote national and international interdisciplinary collaborationsAn important role of the External Advisory Committee will be to facilitate opportunities for collaboration and promote networking for research project investigators.  

 Dr. Ron Korstanje

Dr. Ron Korstanje is an Associate Professor at The Jackson Laboratory. He Investigates decline of function and chronic kidney disease in the aging kidney and how genetic variation contributes to kidney disease susceptibility.  


Dr. Mingyu Liang 

Dr. Mingyu Liang is a Professor and Department Head in Physiology at The University of Arizona, College of Medicine. Dr. Liang is a molecular systems medicine researcher. The current work in his laboratory focuses on three areas: (epi)genomics and precision medicine, regulatory RNA, and cellular metabolism, as they relate to hypertension and cardiovascular and kidney diseases.