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Summer Genetics and Omics Academy

The Molecular Center of Health and Disease, through the “Summer Genetics and Omics Academy” offers a lecture series to provide vital education in the area of genetics and different omics technologies (genomics, proteomics, and metabolomics). The main goals are:  

  • Increase the number and diversity of biomedical researchers, physicians, and medical professionals who understand genetic concepts, omics technologies, and the future of genomic medicine. 
  • Help research faculty gain important knowledge and insight into omics technology to lead to more innovative grant applications, establish new directions for established unfunded investigators, and promote the utility of omics technology. 
  • Help expand the knowledge of undergraduate, graduate and medical students by offering participation in the academy to those involved in other UMMC programs (upon approval of summer mentors), including SURE Program, MSRP, and Project Baby Magnolia Research Scholars. 

The Summer Academy will be offered each year during the May-August period over an 8-week period. The core curriculum will introduce basic genetic concepts, omics technology, and extend into applications of basic research and patient care. There are 3 optional tracks for additional information based on interest, including human subject research and genetic studies (track 1), topics in host-pathogen interactions (track 2), and data science/computational aspects of genetic and omics analysis (track 3). In addition, participants will be able to schedule an observership with the UMMC Molecular and Genomics Core Facility to experience real-word applications of the omics technologies across both basic and clinical research projects. 

Schedule for 2024 Summer Genetics and Omics Academy

SessionCore TopicsInstructorDateTimeLocation
1Foundations in Genetics and Omics 

Maryam Syed, PhD
Cell & Molecular Biology
Michael Garrett, PhD, MBA
Cell & Molecular Biology

6/4/243 - 4 pmCW106
2Recent Advances in Omics Technology Michael Garrett, PhD, MBA
Cell & Molecular Biology
6/11/243 - 4 pmCW106
3Human Disease Continuum: From Rare to Complex Disease 

Maryam Syed, PhD
Cell & Molecular Biology

6/18/243 - 4 pmCW106
4Applications of Genetics and Omics in Basic Research and Clinical Practice Mauricio DeCastro, MD, FACMG
6/25/243 - 4 pmCW106
5Advances in Adult Genetic TestingPawel Pomianowski, MD
7/2/243 - 4 pmCW106
6Advances in Perinatal/Pediatric Genetic TestingLaura Hendon, MA, MS, CGC
Pediatrics & Ob-Gyn
7/9/243 - 4 pmCW308
7Gene-Editing, Gene Therapy, and Clinical Implications Maryam Syed, PhD
Cell & Molecular Biology
7/16/243 - 4 pmCW106

Bench to Bedside- Gene Variants to Genetic Counseling

Mauricio DeCastro, MD, FACMG

7/23/243 - 4 pmCW106


SessionTrack 1 Topics InstructorDateTimeLocation
T1A Human Research Protocol SubmissionSheila Belk, MD, MSCI, CCRC
 UMMC Biobank
6/6/243 - 4 pmCW106
T1B Identifying Genetic Factors: From Studying Individuals to Populations Hao Mei, PhD, MD, MS
Data Science
6/13/243 - 4 pmCW106
T1C All of Us Research Program and Application for Understanding Disease  Jeannette Simino, PhD
Data Science
6/20/243 - 4 pmCW106


SessionTrack 2 Topics InstructorDateTimeLocation
T2A Pathogens and Genomic MethodologiesD. Ashley Robinson, PhD
Cell & Molecular Biology
7/3/243 - 4 pmG-451
T2BHost-Pathogens (Bacterial and Viral) Interactions in DiseaseBrigitte Martin, PhD
Cell & Molecular Biology
7/11/243 - 4 pmCW 106


SessionTrack 3 Topics InstructorDateTimeLocation
T3A Introduction to Bioinformatics Eric Vallender, PhD
6/27/243 - 4 pmCW 106
T3B Processing and Analysis of Genomic Datasets - WGS, Exome, RNA sequencing Lavanya Challagundla, PhD
Cell & Molecular Biology
7/18/243 - 4 pmCW 106
T3C Data Mining Public Omics DatabasesLavanya Challagundla, PhD
Cell & Molecular Biology
7/25/243 - 4 pmCW 106