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Executive Committee

The Executive Committee is composed of leadership from each Core. The EC play a key role in the strategic leadership of the MCHD to ensure compliance with NIGMS fiscal, regulatory and programmatic policies and procedures. 

Michael Garrett

Michael Garrett, PhD, MBA, FAHA
Principal Investigator
Director, Molecular Center of Health and Disease
Director, Molecular and Genomics Core (www.umc.edu/genomicscore)
Professor and Chair
Department of Cell and Molecular Biology

Jan Williams

Jan Williams, PhD
Director of Education and Mentorship
Professor, Department of Pharmacology & Toxicology 

Mauricio De Castro

Mauricio J. De Castro, MD
Associate Director of Translational Research (Pediatrics)
Assistant Professor, Pediatrics
Division of Genetics and Metabolism

Ashley Robinson

Ashley Robinson, PhD 
Professor, Department of Cell & Molecular Biology
Associate Director for Microbial Genomics, Molecular and Genomics Core 
Core Leader - Core B - Omics and Gene-Editing Core

Eric Vallender

Eric Vallender, PhD 
Associate Professor, Department of Psychiatry & Human Behavior
Core Leader, Core B - Omics and Gene-Editing Core

Hao Mei

Hao Mei, PhD 
Professor, Department of Data Science
Director, Core C - Research, Computing, Bioinformatics and Biostatistics