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Adopt-A-Floor Program at Children's of Mississippi

Children’s of Mississippi is grateful for your interest in participating in our "Adopt-a-Floor" program to help families whose children are hospitalized for extended periods of time.

Family members don’t always feel comfortable leaving their child to go buy lunch or find a snack machine. It can also become a financial challenge when hospital stays are long, and parents/caregivers are forced to leave their job to care for the child.

The hospital is asking for help for these families through a program where school groups, churches, Girl and Boy Scout troops, community service organizations, Sunday school classes, soccer teams, businesses, and individuals can provide snacks for the families.

The program asks participants to "Adopt-a-Floor" for one week – whether that's one week, a month, a quarter, or a year. During that time period, donors would provide pre-packaged, single-serve snacks that do not require refrigeration, such as soup, jerky, pudding, crackers, granola bars, chips, and any other adult and child-friendly snacks, etc.., Coffee (especially K-Cups) for these families would also be greatly appreciated. To supply one floor for one week with one person from each room getting two snacks a day would require 350-400 snack items. We ask groups to set this as a goal, but we are happy to accept any donations for this program.

If you "Adopt-A-Floor," please don't approach local businesses for donations. The hospital already depends on many of these businesses to sponsor events and raise money, so we want to respect what they are already doing for the children.

To choose a week and get information about dropping off items, please contact Amber Magee in the Office of Development and Alumni Engagement at 601-213-8054 or email