2023 Pillars

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2023 Pillars Nominees

Published on Tuesday, December 20, 2022

Excellence - Student/Trainee Award


Sabrina Alam
School of Population Health, Class of 2026

  Anna Sabrina DeLeon

Anna S. DeLeon, MD
Department of Psychiatry & Human Behavior 

 Portrait of Hannah Glenn

Hannah Glenn
School of Medicine, Class of 2024

Portrait of Libby Kabachia 

Libby Kabachia
School of Medicine, Class of 2024

 Portrait of Eric D. Lucas

Eric D. Lucas, Jr.
School of Medicine, Class of 2024

Portrait of Marquita McIntosh 

Marquita McIntosh
School of Health Related Professions, Class of 2023

 Portrait of Ashlyn Mendrop

Ashlyn Mendrop, DPT
Department of Physical Therapy

Portrait of Jayla Mondy 

Jayla Mondy
School of Medicine, Class of 2025

Joshua Trull 2021

Joshua Trull, DO
Department of Psychiatry & Human Behavior

Portrait of Alexander Velazquez

Alexander Velazquez
School of Medicine, Class of 2025

Portrait of Haley Williams

Haley Williams
School of Medicine, Class of 2025 

Inclusion - Employee Award


Irene Arguello
Institutional Review Board 

Portrait of Nicole Connolly 

Nicole Connolly
Office of Enrollment Management 

 Ellen Hansen.jpg

Ellen Hansen
Chief Nursing and Clinical Officer
Children's of Mississippi

 Lee Harbour

Lee Harbour
School of Nursing 

 Laronda Manuel

LaRonda Manuel
Specialty Pharmacy and Clinical Support Services

Portrait of Christopher Moore

Christopher Moore, JD
Institutional Review Board


 Venessia Randle

Venessia Randle
School of Dentistry 

Portrait of Dorothy Singleton 

Dorothy Singleton
Office of the Associate Vice Chancellor for
Academic Affairs 

Beacon - Faculty Award 

 Gabrielle Banks.jpg

Gabriella Banks, PhD
Department of Pediatrics

Kimberly Bibb.jpg
Kimberly Bibb, MD
Department of Family Medicine

 Driscoll DeVaul 2021

Driscoll DeVaul, DHA
School of Health Related Professions

 Stephanie Elkins 2018

Stephanie Elkins, MD
Department of Internal Medicine,
Division of Hematology/Oncology

Audwin Fletcher 2022 

Audwin Fletcher, PhD
School of Nursing

 Lisa A. Haynie 2019

Lisa Haynie, PhD
School of Nursing

Abigail Gamble 2016 

Abigail Gamble, PhD
John D. Bower School of Population Health

Kristi Moore 2016 

Kristi Moore, PhD
Radiologic Sciences Program

 Leslie Musshafen.jpg

Leslie Musshafen, PhD
Department of Preventive Medicine

David Norris 2018 

David Norris, MD
Office of Medical Education 

Portrait of Dr. Roberto Santos 

Robert Santos, MD
Department of Pediatrics

 Lei Zhang 2021

Lei Zhang, PhD
School of Nursing

Esprit De Corps - Team, Department or Office Award
Black Men in Healthcare Project Team
Children's of Mississippi Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Champion Mastery Project Team
Department of Cell and Molecular Biology Office Staff
Department of Internal Medicine, Division of Hematology/Oncology
MIND Center Clinical Research Team
School of Population Health Activity Book Team
TORPEDO Project Team (Departments of Dermatology, Otolaryngology, and Orthopedics)
UMMC Insight Team (Department of Psychiatry & Human Behavior)