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Racial Equity Leadership Series

The Welcome Table

About this experience

Join us for the Welcome Table series facilitated by the Alluvial Collective, focusing on community building, dialogue, and experiential learning about race and equity. This engaging, participatory approach uses deep listening, storytelling, and relationship building as prerequisites to creating more inclusive and equitable communities and work dynamics. The process helps us learn more about issues of equity and inclusion, and more deeply investigate the consequences of inherited systems and structural inequities without personal shaming or blaming. Past participants have described it as a valuable, empowering experience. 

Why this approach?

In a society that has become more and more polarized, it’s imperative that we find ways of to better connect with others both professionally and personally, to practice better communication through deep listening and learning, and to create spaces that are more welcoming and inclusive of all in our nation.

Key takeaways from previous participants include:

  • Being better equipped for collaboration.
  • Growing a deeper understanding of interdependence.
  • Gaining a larger sense of the value and power in diversity—in identities such as race, age, gender; life experiences and background; ways of thinking; personality and approach.
  • Being vulnerable as learners and extending grace to those at a different place of understanding.
  • Feeling like each voice was valued and had something to contribute.
  • Growing in practice and comfort when talking about harder subjects or uncomfortable topics.

Who should participate?

This professional development opportunity is limited to 50 people. Participation is open to all UMMC staff, faculty, trainees and enrolled students with a strong interest in leading others, building intellectual capacity, and creating long-lasting partnerships with authenticity in mind and at the forefront of their work.

Event details

  • Date: TBD (anticipated session to be held fall 2023)
  • Time: TBD
  • Location: TBD  

At the conclusion the conclusion of the series, each participant will be awarded a certificate of completion and will receive the customized “Transformational Leader” lapel pin.



The views expressed in guest presentations made during inclUsive conversations, the Distinguished Lecture Series, and other ODI events are those of the speaker and not, necessarily, of the University of Mississippi Medical Center. Presentations at ODI events do not constitute an endorsement of speaker's views, products or services. 


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