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Message from the CDIO

Juanyce TaylorUMMC Community and Friends:

It is no secret that the University of Mississippi Medical Center embraces the philosophy of “growing our own.” Each year, new students enter our doors to begin an exciting journey in a welcoming learning environment. They are taking the next steps toward becoming outstanding health care providers while current students are immersed in rigorous study and their ongoing development. Our committed faculty and staff are “creating a healthier Mississippi” by maintaining a collaborative learning community and workplace culture.

At UMMC, diversity, inclusion, and respect is vital to our mission. Each and every one at our Medical Center has the opportunity to grow and contribute to patient care. It is our strong desire to ensure that our employees, students, patients, and friends feel valued, accepted, and a sense of belonging. With these thoughts, we cannot be distracted from achieving our mission because societal forces such as racism, prejudice, and discrimination attempt to reveal themselves as worthy of our attention. They are not. Our goal is to foster access to learners and restore health of our patients no matter their background.

Trust and believe that UMMC has tremendous pride in promoting excellence, and offering compassionate and culturally sensitive care. It takes all of us to champion diversity and inclusion. Join us.

Juanyce D. Taylor, PhD
Chief Diversity and Inclusion Officer