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2022 Cohort of Champions: Long Description


The 2022 Champion Professional Development and Certificate Program demographic graphic describes the make-up of the Cohort IV by degrees earned and category of profession.


Cohort IV by Degree and Profession (N=62)

By Degree:

  • 10% of which have earned a doctoral degree (such as PhD or EdD)
  • 51% of which have earned a professional degree (such as JD, MD, DO, DMD, PharmD, PsyD)
  • 5% of which have earned a Master’s degree
  • 0% of which have earned a Bachelor’s degree
  • 0% of which have earned an Associate degree
  • 34% of which have had some other education experience

By Profession:

  • 16% of participants are executive staff
  • 11% of participants are clinical faculty
  • 8% of participants are non-clinical faculty
  • 36% of participants are professional staff
  • 24% of participants are nurses
  • 5% of participants are support staff

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