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2019 Program Summary

Below is a graph demonstrating knowledge gained by learners in the 2019 Cohort of Champions by program topic. The top three topics in which learners have increased their knowledge include: Imposter Syndrome (86%), Change Management (63%) and LGBTQ issues (45%).

Bar graph of ODI Champions Cohort by Perception of Knowledge. Go to the image description page for details.Image Long Description

Personal testimonials

  • "This course was engaging, informative, and provided me with a more in-depth knowledge, skills, and tools about diversity and inclusion. I'm more equipped to be that change agent to foster a more creative, inclusive, and respectful work environment."
  • "This training was phenomenal. It makes you aware of so many situations that one has experienced before and defines the term and how to go about addressing it the next time it happens. I have learned a lot about myself and my surroundings."
  • "This very well developed course not only opened my eyes to the importance of inclusion, but also provided interaction within the modules and included a wealth of resources to refer to later and also to share with my students and faculty colleagues."