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Word of the Month

Each month, there will be a meaningful, positive word posted around campus, underscoring UMMC’s values. The “Word of the Month” is a visual reminder of the institution’s standards when it comes to the promotion of a respectful and inclusive environment. Words are posted in the elevators and bulletin boards around campus. Managers are encouraged to post the word in their departments or units and to use the word as a “talking point” to stimulate dialogue with employees.  



The quality or state of not being multiple: ONENESS; a condition of harmony: ACCORD; a continuity without deviation or change (as in purpose or action); the quality or state of being made one: UNIFICATION


Suggested talking points
and questions:

  • Why is unity important in a team?
  • Do you feel teamwork is encouraged in your department?
  • What is the importance of teamwork in employee retention?

Quotes from UMMC employees:

“When I think of the word 'unity' I'm reminded of the words responsibility and honor. We are responsible for creating unity among our individual teams. We are also responsible for being united as an institution. Our goal is the same, to create a healthier Mississippi population, no matter what sphere of work we are involved in, and that unites us in a cause. The cause that we are striving for is an honorable one. It's an honor to be a part of a united team, even in difficult times.”

Dr. Elizabeth Carr
Chair, Dental Hygiene
School of Dentistry


Article: Why is Teamwork in Health Care Important
from HRH Global Resource Center

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