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kids---premature-anne.jpgOur Neonate Transport Team is proud to announce the arrival of two Premature Annes and two task trainer Annes.These Mississippi Department of Health grant funded simulators will allow for a unique hands on experience that is both realistic and informative.

As part of UMMC's educational mission our Neonate Transport Team routinely provides education and training in the resuscitation and care of neonate patients for both pre-hospital and in-hospital providers. Our teams provide medical providers statewide with STABLE Certification taining and PARTNER training, for Pediatric and Neonatal resuscitation emergencies


To find out more about these and other educational opportunities please email us at:


Premature Anne features

  • Simulation of a 25-week gestation, 750-gram baby
  • Life-like feel and tone (floppy)
  • Has vocal sounds and displays cyanosis
  • Heart and lung sounds
  • Can perform right main-stem intubation
  • Abdomen distends with excessive bagging or intubation of esophagus
  • Can be intubated orally and nasally
  • Can have OG/NG tube insertion
  • Can have UAC/UVC placed - with 15 ml reservoir for “blood”
  • 3 venous sites for PIV placement - left AC/ left hand dorsum/ right ankle
  • Chest compressions/PPV can be done
  • Sim pad works by Wi-fi and Bluetooth connection; tether-free so baby is portable

Task trainer features

  • Can be intubated, nares open for CPAP use
  • PIV sites (as above)
  • Chest rise and fall

Congenital anomalies pack includes: meningocele, omphalocele, cleft lip, cystic hygroma, polycystic kidneys, forceps mark on face