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AirCare 4 - Greenwood

IMG_0294.JPGOnboard medical equipment/capabilities

  • Two oxygen and Medical Air sources
  • One suction unit
  • Extensive list of medications for the critical care setting (Anti-convulsant, Anti-coagulant reversal, Antibiotics, Hypertonic solutions, CroFab, Prostins)
  • Hamilton ventilator
  • Multiple IV pumps
  • Zoll X-series (Pacing/defib, 12-lead, ECG, arterial line, central venous, ICP, ETCO2, pulse oximetry, and temperature monitoring capability)
  • Intra-aortic balloon pump
  • Neonatal isolette / nitric oxide therapy
  • O-negative packed red blood cells for emergency transfusions
  • Peripheral and central arterial line insertion / monitoring
  • RSI intubation / emergency airway devices
  • Portable ultrasound for FAST exam of trauma patients
  • HFNC and BiPAP
  • Surgical airways
  • Chest tube insertion / monitoring
  • Anti-coagulant reversal (KCentra, DDAVP)
  • POC labs